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Customer Service

Keeping our customers at the center of all we do

At Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd. (TLB), our business revolves around people and partnerships. From the High Net Worth (HNW) individuals we help to achieve a lifetime financial security and peace of mind, to the partners we work with in distributing our products, our aim is to deliver exceptional service and powerful solutions that protect and perform at the highest possible level. We select business partners based on their specialised experience in serving the HNW market and who share and demonstrate a mutual commitment of providing exceptional customer service.

We provide comprehensive product toolkits and hold quarterly training sessions for our business partners, and continually conduct targeted consumer research to gain additional key insights into the needs and preferences of the HNW customer. We share these key insights with our partners on a timely basis to help deepen their understanding of the market and to add more value to their interactions with customers.

With our extensive experience in handling large sums assured and complex cases to support legacy and business planning, we go above and beyond to help our clients protect their wealth legacies and to provide them with the best customer experience. 

Our Promise

At TLB, our customers are our priority and we strive to provide you with exceptional professional service. We recognise the claims process can be a complicated one at a very sensitive and difficult time, as such our priority is to pay all valid claims quickly, with as little hassle as possible.

Claims payments

We remain 100% committed to keeping our promises to our customers.

2023 Claims Performance:



Personal touch

TLB's experienced claims assessors deal with claims sensitively. The claimant can expect a supportive and sympathetic service all the way from claim notification to payment.

Making it as simple as possible

TLB has a well-established and streamlined process whereby claimants are handheld through the claims process to provide a hassle free experience.

Making a complaint

We will listen to all complaints and aim to deal with them as fairly and quickly as possible. Please contact our Customer Service Team in our Hong Kong, Singapore or Bermuda offices and provide the policy number and personal identification verification as needed.