Historical Crediting Interest Rates

Historical Crediting Interest Rates of Universal Life Products

Below are the historical Crediting Interest Rates of our current universal life products and the discontinued universal life products for which we issued new policies in the previous 5 calendar years prior to the reporting year 2019. The rates shown are the weighted average of the crediting interest rates of each product in a given year with reference to the guidelines provided by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong.

Products that are not listed below are either launch less than one year ago (therefore no historical crediting interest rate is available at this time) or having no new policies issued in the previous 5 calendar years prior to the reporting year 2019.

The historical Crediting Interest Rates shown below are for reference only. They should not be taken as an indicator of future crediting interest rates which may be higher or lower than in the past.

Please note that the Crediting Interest Rate on any policy depends on factors such as the date that the policy is issued, the sum assured and the date of each premium payment. Therefore, if you are a policy owner, please refer to your annual statement for the actual crediting interest rates applicable to your policy.

Crediting Interest Rates for Reporting Year 2019

 Product was not available in the relevant year.


1. The Crediting Interest Rates shown are before any relevant policy charges (e.g. cost of insurance, monthly expense charge, etc.).
2. The Crediting Interest Rates shown have not taken into account any bonus Crediting Interest Rates.