• Transamerica Life Bermuda Commencement Luncheon

Transamerica Life Bermuda Commencement Luncheon

March 10, 2018

Transamerica Life Bermuda hosted an annual Commencement Luncheon with our key business partners to thank them for their trusted partnership and support as they are one of the keys to our success.

The Luncheon, with the theme of "Trusted Partnership – Building Our Future Together", took place at Mandarin Oriental Hotel on 8 March 2018. The occasion began with an ancient Chinese art performance – mask illusion, followed by our President & CEO, Marc Lieberman's welcome speech that covered our industry award achievements in 2017 and our business initiatives this year for building a successful future together with our business partners. The event ended superbly with a magic show by an international award-winning magician.

Performance Highlights
The traditional mask illusion performance was presented by Ms Hathor Wei, a famous mask illusion artist in Hong Kong, who created her own style of performance with cartoon mask and hip hop dance, echoing with our long heritage in Asia and the innovative solutions we offer.
The climax of the performance is marked by Ms Wei showing the Transamerica Life Bermuda's icon, the signifying Transamerica Pyramid, on her face.
Another highlight of the day is the superb magic show presented by John Fung, which brought a perfect end to the Luncheon.

The photo of the Leadership Team of Transamerica Life Bermuda on the day:

The mask illusion performance by Ms Hathor Wei: