• Transamerica Life Bermuda is on LinkedIn

Transamerica Life Bermuda is on LinkedIn

February 19, 2016

In a highly digitised world, it is important that Transamerica Life Bermuda evolves and adapts to the changing trends so as to interact with all our stakeholders online.

Therefore we are pleased to inform you that we now have a presence on the world's largest professional social network, LinkedIn. You can find us here.

We have made this move for the following reasons:

Amplify brand awareness – amplify and raise broader awareness of the Transamerica Life Bermuda brand through social media channels.

Engage specific audience groups – engage employees and business partners through developing informative and factual content to improve their understanding of the Transamerica Life Bermuda brand.

We will continue to enhance our digital presence in order to improve our engagement with targeted audience groups and deliver on our promise, which is to help our High Net Worth customers secure their financial futures and provide them with peace-of-mind.

We hope you will enjoy engaging with us on LinkedIn.